Connie K Sales

 Connie Sales creates art as colorful adventure, as a hike through the inner landscape of a life. Not LIFE, as in the big general life we all get along in. And not life as lived by the happily skipping men and women of an unawares civilized group. Sales makes her art inside a life of streaks and valleys, of towering peers across fertile times and bellycrawl draggings in a muddy field. And all of it makes it onto her plane in how she arranges paint, using color as a knife and shape as story. Connie's artworks evidence construct and destruct, scraping, abusive actions, wear and tear and a general chaos contained and controlled by her clear will to create. Her shapes can show an insiders view of the struggle to maintain an outward glow under suffocating, pressurized doubt and confusion. And there are pretty colors amidst the endless climb, always pointing towards the Helping Hand.