Michael Hoffee

Hoffee gives his staring forms a chance to glimpse our lives and wonder where to jump, a chance to watch our mysterious dance as we wake for work, return for supper and embrace for love. All the while, Hoffee's watchers cling to the walls, waiting for the chance to let go. Stick around and watch as Hoffee feeds us the images of his world and tilts briefly the flow of ours. 

An arresting stillness settles on the many flowers of Michael Hoffee. As a silent volcanic eruption, they explode from their vase, always a steady, physical vase. Still, they look content in their duty to carry us back to an easy grounded confidence in the color and beauty Nature provides for it's weaker friends. Hoffee paints his interiors amidst that same stillness occasionally rippled by the watchers of another door, opened always briefly. The watchers can be seen in his cityscapes and alone against the acidic air of the transportation world. At the table before them set, though, they are their most inquisitive, questioning us with easy stares focused on that ahead of us and the slanted tilt of a head full of the future.