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Mikey Welsh 1971-2011

You are in luck. The gallery below shows the amazing art of Mikey Welsh (1971-2011) as he has created the work. This gallery exhibits the unabated revolution that Mikey has found himself surrounded by. Welsh has jaggedly smashed through a barricade he thought impenetrable. His courageous journey through an unplanned life has delivered him to the edge of a world opening almost as fast as he is upon it. Mikey makes art from the inside of his mind and splatters it all over the inside of yours. From lightning strokes smashed into the canvas to delicate spills of house paint, Mikey's art works big. Unlike the polite sensibility found in a floral still life or windy landscape, Mikey's spitting attack on color and form bring a unique change to the viewer as Welsh's world becomes visible.