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Ioema Collection

The Ioema Collection begins in 1999. I wanted to collect and show art from outside the art world but had very little money for art and even less for a gallery. I started a website called to  find artists and offer them space on the site.The site was renamed and Google indexed it at 1 or 2 for outsider art search.My idea centered around no charge for exhibitions as most artists couldn't pay; instead I asked for an original of their work. The site used a simple submission form with the offer to exhibit their art if I liked their work or thought my visitors would. By the early 2000's I received 200 or so submissions a year, at times more, and exhibited maybe 5 to 10 percent of those. Everyone accepted to the site sent an original and some sent more. Although exhibitions did not last a lifetime, some artists have been on the site since their original contact. The collection now has well over 300 works of art, from post it note sized drawings by Beamer to the six by nine foot paint on canvas collaboration by Hoffee and Welsh.

Interactions with artists enlightened and enriched our lives here in Jockey Hollow, as has their art, in ways I did not anticipate. Most I know through email and phone. Some I've met in person, like William Thomas Thompson, the late George Heslet, jr and the recently deceased Norbert Kox. Others are like a bunch of art cousins.....Mike Hoffee, Mikey Welsh (deceased), Khara Oxier, Stephen Judges, Connie K Sales, Plastorm, Garance (that's her painting up there) and many, many more. I hope you enjoy looking at the art here, maybe even buying some in the future. I know that my life and yours will always be better with art in the air.

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The Ioema Collection

Confluence, Pennsylvania, United States


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